Does Social Media Effect Your Food Choices?

Social Media has a large impact on the food we eat. Ads on facebook can make you crave certain foods. For example you see an In-N-Out Burger ad of a large juicy hamburger on facebook you are more likely to go buy it and eat it. The downside to social media and food is that social media affects what people think of different food places. If my friend said she had a horrible experience at a restaurant and posted it on facebook or tweeted about her experience it would make her friends not want to go there.


I consider Pinterest a social media website because there are great amounts of posts regarding food. They have categories of food. Pinterest promotes “home cooking” which can make it become healthier then eating out every meal.


P.S. I will post a food recipe over the weekend 🙂 check back for a yummy one!


About allisonharf

Hey everyone, my name is Allison Harf and currently I am a junior at Chapman University majoring in Communication Studies. The theme to my blog is cooking healthy, well-balanced meals while living on your own. Everyone knows the first time they had to cook a meal for themselves they did not know what to make, well, that’s why I am writing this blog. Ever since I was a child, I always helped my mother make dinner. Now, being an athlete in college I realize that a healthy and well-balanced meal is extremely necessary for everyone and every lifestyle. I plan on alternating each week between chicken, beef, fish and a vegetarian dish. For each meal I make, I plan on adding all of the necessary nutritional facts so you guys can see the nutritional value. So check out on my blog weekly to discover a new healthy meal to try. Please let me know if you guys have any suggestions or comments so that I can make my blog and my meals more entertaining and exciting for you!
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